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Aloha! My name is Tomo, I've spent my life between Hawaii and Japan. Besides English, I also speak Japanese (私は日本語を話します Watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu)

My favorite tattoo styles are Japanese, Polynesian Tribal, American Traditional, full color or black and grey. I love doing one offs which are tattoos designed from scratch only to be tattooed on you! I have plenty to choose from so feel free to ask. When I'm not tattooing I spend my free time painting tattoo flash, and scouring the jungles for Giant Geckos and the Hawaiian reefs for Tako's! 


You can reach me directly via Instagram @zappnrajahz

Remember, tattoos are connected to memories that will last a lifetime, let me help you make it an awesome one!

Tattoos to fit your budget, and the aloha is always free! :)

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